Urban Brewery - Craft Beer produced in Sibiu

Our brewery

Our Urban Beer is produced using only natural ingredients, with a traditional manufacturing process which follows the classical technology of craft beer manufacturing.

Milling – Mashing – Boiling

The malt is milled and then mixed with water and the resulting mixture is heated in successive stages. By heating, at controlled temperatures, enzymes that are found naturally in the malt convert the starch in yeast nutrients, this step being called “knead”. This achieves the beer wort which is transferred into the boiling tank, adding hops. By boiling with hops, the beer will acquire specific taste, aroma and bitterness.

Primary and secondary fermentation (maturation)

The next step is fermentation, driven by the type of yeast used (“Ale” yeast type ferments at higher temperatures of 15-20°C or “Lager” type yeast which ferments at 10-13°C). Fermentation is done in special stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. The fermentation has two stages: primary fermentation and secondary fermentation (maturation). In the first phase yeast consumes the sugar from the beer wort and convert it into alcohol and carbon dioxide and the beer begins to foam. In the second stage fermentation is slower and substances present naturally in the beer begin to give taste and flavor features. The beer is matured within cold temperatures for a period of about 21-23 days, during which the taste is defined.

Each batch of beer is subjected to laboratory tests, both during the process of obtaining beer and after the end of ripening period.