Urban Brewery - Craft Beer produced in Sibiu

What is craft beer?

We believe that new things can be good things and might become a tradition. We believe in new beginnings and in our strength to offer a good beer. That’s why we challenge you to try a new beer, an Urban Beer produced in Sibiu, for moments of joy.


Perception - Appearance

The first thing you experience is the beer’s appearance – gold, copper, brown or dark, filtered or unfiltered, with an appropriate thick foam, it is always challenging. The color and its clarity should be noticed as well at the beer’s appearance

Perception - Taste

Tasting of a craft beer is always appealing and follows immediately after smelling the beer and perceiving its aroma. You think: “is its taste soft sweet, sour, more or less bitter”? Does it feel the taste of a roasted malt or a general one?”

Perception - Flavor

Ingredients contribute to the aromatic quality, flavors being released once the beer warms. Hold the glass closer and take a deep breath, try to feel the flavors. Few drinks can have such a diverse range of flavors from natural ingredients.





Experience - Proper glass

A proper glass might intense the flavors perception, enhance easily the aromas and bubbles, so less carbonation is ingested. No matter how good is a craft beer, if it is served in a plastic cup, it won’t be so appealing. The stronger is the beer, the smaller should be the glass to be served with.

Experience - Food matching

Strong flavored foods should be matched with light flavored beers

Experience - Serving

Most lager craft beers of average strength are served chilled. Many ale beers or stronger ones are enjoyed at a temperature closed to a cellar temperature.

Proper glass

Food matching



Ingredients - Malt

Soul of beer, contribute to its flavor and color, being a cereal that has been partially germinated and then slightly roasted

Ingredients - Hops

Add aroma and bitterness to the craft beer and balances malts sweetness

Ingredients - Yeast

During the fermentation process, it consumes the sugar and release alcohol and flavor

Ingredients - Water

Depending on the region, water has variable minerals that contributes to the beer’s flavor






Scales - Primary extract

Shows the level of primary extract

Scales - Color

“Standard Reference Method” refers to the beer’s color

Scales - Biterness

“International Bitterness Units” measures the hops contribution to the bitterness

Scales - Alcohol

“Alcohol by Volume” measures the alcohol content



Primary extract