Urban Brewery - Craft Beer produced in Sibiu

Urban Brewery SIBIU

We believe that new things can be good things and might become a tradition. We believe in new beginnings and in our strength to offer a good beer.
That’s why we challenge you to try a new beer, an Urban Beer produced in Sibiu, for moments of joy.

What is craft beer?

Handcrafted beer is usually produced in smaller quantities using natural ingredients through a natural fermentation process. It is a privilege for brewers to follow traditional recipes and traditional brewing methods. Unlike classic beer, the craft has a much stronger flavor and a greater diversity of flavors from the blend of natural ingredients. Also known as "craft" beer, the beer does not contain certain ingredients commonly used in the industrial process for making alcoholic beverages (eg preservatives, additives, etc.).

full of flavour

natural bitterness

natural ingredients

21-23 days fermentation

unpasteurized and unfiltered

Our brewery

Urban beer is produced in Sibiu, only from natural ingredients, and the raw material processing process is a traditional one and respects the classic brewing technology: Grinding - Boilers & Hops - Primary and secondary fermentation (ripening).

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